Perheitä, jotka taistelevat lapsen syöpää vastaan.

TAISTELUTARINAT - Perheitä, jotka taistelevat lapsen syöpää vastaan.


Alina got sick in March 2014. She was a two-year-old then. 

It started unexpectedly; Alina began limping, falling down and she was very tired. After a week of limping, we went to visit the doctor. We met three different doctors before receiving the diagnosis. First, we were told that Alina had just an ear infection but we did not settle for this, and asked for another opinion. Eventually, after the blood test that was taken at the Seinäjoki Central Hospital, we received a very strong indication of leukemia. We left for the pediatrics unit in Tampere immediately. 

In Tampere we got a confirmation regarding the acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The treatments were started according to the plan. At first, Alina suffered from several side effects, which made the beginning of the treatment very painful. Subsequently, Alina received morphine for several weeks. 

In May, Alina started to feel better and after eight weeks in the hospital we were able to return home. After that we continued the treatments accordingly and visited Tampere and Seinäjoki alternately.

In June 2014 we reached the maintenance phase. Nowadays, the medication is given through the mouth and we continue visiting at the follow-ups once a month. Alina’s hair has started to grow and she has stayed in good condition, apart from few infections.


Alina will be confirmed as healthy in Christmas 2015.