Perheitä, jotka taistelevat lapsen syöpää vastaan.

TAISTELUTARINAT - Perheitä, jotka taistelevat lapsen syöpää vastaan.


Kaisla is the youngest child in our four-child family.

She was born in 2012. When Kaisla was four months old, she was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL, high-risk). 

So started life in the hospital. That lasted for ten months. During that time, she spent five nights at home. During the rough treatment, Kaisla’s leukemia came back in her central nervous system. However, they were able to bring the disease under control and we were able to proceed to the stem cell transplantation that was planned for her from very early on. Kaisla survived her cancer with the help of the cells she received from her brother. 

After the stem cell transplantation, she had to still spend a couple of months in the hospital because eating was causing trouble. The return back home was made possible with the help of a PEG-tube. However, the tube was not needed for long: a few months after her return, she was eating the proper amount of food by herself. Overall, her recovery went really well and there were not any extra infections that would have bothered life at home. Of course, we actively tried to avoid infections by being in isolation.


In August 2014, two years after the diagnosis, Kaisla was found to be as healthy as any child her age.